Music Fix For The End Of The Year!

Ladies, gents and birds! Holiday season is upon us and we could not be happier about it. It is time to be cheerful and joyful, but most of all, to kickback! Face it, we love slouching on the couch, sleeping in and eating lots, but this also means having time to actually listen to music. Oh the joy!

If you have curious, insatiable ears, we have a great list for you to pick through this winter break. Well, we are just going to point you to it! If you like drone, ambience and textural music, head over to local blog Anti-Gravity Bunny for a Top Drone music of the year list. Winter is all about staying in, hot drinks, slowing down for a change. Let this music fill your room, let it fill your home with dreamy and somniferous textures that will ease your delta waves!

Anti-Gravity Bunny is a blog based in Salem and  it is manned entirely by whom I would call a modern music-enthusiast, Justin Snow (). I have read his blog for a couple of years now, and he is somehow always able to find new, weird and unbelievable music you and I have never heard of. Be sure to check out his year-end list and indulge in a hazy holiday!

_____Click on the bunny for the jump!_____


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