Session 2: Words Like Earth

The break is over and we are finally back! So the first thing we’re going to do is to share our second live session featuring Words Like Earth, also known as Tanner Connolly. Here he performs two original songs and a bonus cover of City and Colour. Tanner comes from Reading, Massachusetts, but has made a … Continue reading

Let’s Go to the Movies!

During these final days of school where we have tons of work to do and tons of material to study, it is healthy to suddenly take small breaks here and there. Here are two cinemas where we recommend you to go and have a nice time with some popcorn and soda: The Coolidge Corner Theatre … Continue reading

MIT Museum

In order to exploit our creativity and knowledge for innovation, we need to dive into a field where artistry is enhanced. A great place to do this is the MIT Museum; there we can find plenty of exhibitions that cover a great variety of topics. The captivating attribute of this place is that the presented … Continue reading

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