Session 2: Words Like Earth

The break is over and we are finally back! So the first thing we’re going to do is to share our second live session featuring Words Like Earth, also known as Tanner Connolly. Here he performs two original songs and a bonus cover of City and Colour. Tanner comes from Reading, Massachusetts, but has made a … Continue reading

Music Fix For The End Of The Year!

Ladies, gents and birds! Holiday season is upon us and we could not be happier about it. It is time to be cheerful and joyful, but most of all, to kickback! Face it, we love slouching on the couch, sleeping in and eating lots, but this also means having time to actually listen to music. … Continue reading

Terry Riley @ MIT!

Fellow Birds, Minimalist classical composer  will be unveiling a new piece at MIT next Thursday December 15th! You may or may not know this very influential composer, but you have definitely heard of musicians from the same school like Philip Glass, Steve Reich or John Adams. Terry Riley forms part of the classical composers who went from … Continue reading

Beer Tasting Thursday!

Why wait until Friday when you can go out to a cool event on Thursday? If you are like us birds, if you can’t resist going out on a Thursday night, we have got the perfect excuse for you. Today is a beer-tasting-while-dancing Thursday! The “Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project” is having its third … Continue reading

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