Cambridge Zen Center

Our lives are full of stories. We tend to forget who we really are and being true to ourselves is really important to achieve the goals we pursue. Meditation is an excellent method to reach enlightenment that make our minds calm and peaceful. The Cambridge Zen Center offers daily meditation practices, it is open to … Continue reading

Music Fix For The End Of The Year!

Ladies, gents and birds! Holiday season is upon us and we could not be happier about it. It is time to be cheerful and joyful, but most of all, to kickback! Face it, we love slouching on the couch, sleeping in and eating lots, but this also means having time to actually listen to music. … Continue reading

Are You A Bird?

We live in a city full of people from several parts of the United States and the world. A city that serves as a meeting spot for all sorts of people from different cultures, backgrounds and influences who make this place their home but still have somewhere else to go where they will probably feel … Continue reading

The Moon is Holding Our Hands

Dear Birds, I have been amazed the past few days with the spectacles that our dear moon has been giving us. She has appeared bigger, brighter, and some days with a ridiculous amount of color.. maybe she blushed because she could hear all the compliments coming from earth. This was mainly because we were getting … Continue reading

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